Loose Tea

Its Okay to be Loose

So why switch to loose teas? Well, for a start it is much cheaper. Since the teabag forms a physical barrier, loose tea often yields a more complex cup of tea. As a bonus, less packaging is better for the environment. Loose tea is also much more versatile than teabags. You are no longer limited by the 1 bag to 1 cup rule! Plus, there is nothing uglier in a pot than a couple of soggy old bags.

So to start getting loose, here are some suggestions:

  1. Coffee plunger

If you have that old coffee plunger lying around, use it as a tea plunger! Make sure it is clear of any coffee, add one heaped teaspoon of loose tea for each cup of freshly boiled water and steep for about 3 minutes. Press the plunger down and pour for your enjoyment.

  1. Old school teapot

Teapots are so pretty. It is such a pity we hardly ever use them (or the cute teacozy we all have lying around but are too embarrassed to whip out)! Add enough boiling water to your tea leaves and steep right there in the pot!

  1. Stove kettle

If you are the outdoorsy type you probably have an old stainless steel stovetop kettle lying around. Simply add your tea and water and heat to a vigorous boil before removing from the heat. This gives you the strongest tea and gives your whole kitchen a glorious smell. Pour through a sieve to prevent any twiggy bits getting into your cup.

  1. Tea infuser

If you’re really into your tea you probably have an herbal tea pot with an infuser. The little compartment allows you to add your tea to the hot water without worrying about the leafy bits coming out the spout. You can also use a single cup infuser that you place in your cup and remove after steeping.


With so many options who needs teabags! Unless you really do – in which case you can always make your own. https://www.nelliebellie.com/diy-tea-bags/


Happy sipping ;)


~ Dr L. Alexander [PhD]